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Timing is everything @Rachel

It was a crisp november morning, frost was settled gently on the ground as Will walked up the concrete steps to the entrance of Mc’kinley. He pushed the door gently and walked through it, sighing softly and watching his breath in the air as he walked down the cold halls, and up to his office. He set his briefcase down on his desk and perched himself on his chair, moving his hands to his face and letting out a hot breath into them, in attempt to warm them up. It wasn’t long before he was warmer and heading off to class, which he was rather excited about if he was honest. He was breaking the news to the glee members that they were going to see Wicked in New York, which was something he’d wanted to see for a long time, and was happy to be able to share it with the the kids. He walked through the door to the choir room, a smile glued to his face as he walked up to the board, taking a marker and writing ‘Wicked’ on it. “We’re all going to see Wicked, tomorrow!” he beamed, his smile widening into a dorkish grin. He was so excited about it, he loved Wicked, and he loved New York, so it was amazing that he’d managed to get so many tickets with the arts fund, maybe it had something to do with Figgins cutting Sue’s pompom budget. 

It seemed like only yesterday that he was stood in the choir room, breaking the news to the kids about his plan, and now; now they were there, in the audience, waiting for the show to start. He always remembered his original glee members when he went to see musicals, it reminded him of all the solos and duets they used to sing from them, and how well they all performed. He smiled down the line of children that sat to the right of him, turning his head sharply as he saw the curtain rise. “My god.. it can’t be..” he muttered to himself as he heard the opening song, the voice was beautiful, and he recognized it instantly, it was none other than Rachel Berry. He bit his lip gently and leaned back against his seat, feeling a little star struck by her appearance. He was so proud at that moment, probably more proud of her than he’d ever been before.

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